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Hallinglag Special Collection

In addition to its own collection of Norway related books, the RRVGS Library is very pleased to be the home to the Special Collection of the Hallinglag of America.


The collection numbers over 800 resources and deals mostly with history of the people from the Halling Valley in South Central Norway.  The M. Kay Buckingham Family History Collection of the Hallinglag includes a complete set of Halling-Minne and Hallingen  publications of the Hallinglag, bygdebøker from Hallingdal parishes, published family histories and numerous other records.

Members and visitors may do their own research by visiting the Hallinglag Collection at the RRVGS Library at 1351 West Main Ave - West Fargo, ND at Historic Bonanzaville USA.

If you have a specific question on the Hallinglag Collection, you may want to email their local contact listed below and prior to your visit to make sure the library is open or if you need assistance with this Special Collection.

Additional information can be found on the Hallinglag website at:

Local Contact for Hallinglag is

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